Olympics Outdoor Activities

Outdoors activities will be conducted in late spring / early summer 2012. Students will actively explore the differences between ancient athletic events and their modern equivalents by participating in a series of sporting competitions. They will also have an opportunity to test the athletic events that they invented in the workshops earlier in the year.

Light-weight replica artefacts (e.g. polyurethane javelins and plastic discuses) will be used to illustrate and re-enact athletic events. Positive competitiveness will be rewarded through Ancient Olympic style awards ceremonies (with olive crowns) and modern award ceremonies (with replica medals).

*Outdoors activities learning objectives:

-Experiencing modern and ancient athletic events
-Challenging preconceptions about Classical Studies as an elitist and/or arid subject
-Associating sport with fun and rewarding activities

The Iris Project
24 Green Ridges

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