Garden Tales Series

We are starting a new lockdown project this Monday! Each day, we will produce a different sheet detailing a plant, its Latin name, some facts about its use by the Greeks and Romans, the myth explaining how it came into being, and some activities for children!

You will be able to download the sheets using the links below.

We hope you enjoy our Garden Tales!

The Tale of Laurus Nobilis

 The Tale of the Anemone

The Tale of the Lotus Tree

The Tale of the Hyacinth

The Tale of the Aconite

The Tale of the Asphodel

The Tale of the Fig Tree

The Tale of the Narcissus

The Tale of the Elm Tree

The Tale of the Pomegranate


The Tale of the Rose


If you want to explore trees in the ancient world, you can visit this fascinating blog by Dr Andrew Fox.

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