About Us

Director and Editor:
Lorna Robinson

Lorna studied Classics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University; she then decided to spend even more time reading in libraries, and eventually received a doctorate from University College London on 'Magical Realism in Ovid's Metamorphoses'.

After acclimatising herself to daylight again, she went into teaching. She created The Iris Project and Iris magazine to promote Classics in state schools in 2006, and runs Latin and Greek projects in state schools across the UK. She has also worked with UCL Bloomsbury Theatre and The Scoop on ancient drama projects, and set up 'Latin in the Parks' for adults to have a go at picking up Latin. She created and runs the East Oxford Community Classics Centre, which opened in October 2013.

She has written a book "Ovid and Gabriel Garcia Marquez", and has also written a Latin course Telling Tales in Latin which introduces Latin through the stories of Ovid. She is working on two new books which will be available next year.

She lives in the furthest eastern reaches of Oxford city with her husband Duncan and four year old daughter Rachel, and in her spare time seeks out woods, music, reading and occasionally sleep.




Fundraising Officer

Neil Parkinson

Neil studied Classics at Oxford and has since then spent more than ten years working in the charity sector with London's homeless. His interest in Classics grew from a childhood love of mythology and soon encompassed a great deal of Classical literature and history too.

He has a particular fascination with anything charting the interactions of the Greeks with their Eastern neighbours, from Homer and Herodotus to Xenophon and the exploits of Alexander the Great. He also loves Greek drama, Hellenistic novels, neoteric poetry and much more besides.

Neil is a trustee, and provides valuable input on fundraising and governance. He is actively involved in the running of the charity, particularly its work in London schools and communities.





Graphics Design and Illustration:

Soham De

Soham is an visual artist and an illustrator. His work has been shown at group exhibitions in Oxford. He graduated in 2008 with a B.Arch (Honours) degree from Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, India. In 2010 he completed an MA Urban Design from the Joint Centre for Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University.  He is currently collaborating in writing Eco- Responsive Environments to be published in 2013.

Soham has done the graphics design for Iris' Iota magazine, as well as for Iris posters and leaflets. He also illustrated the Telling Tales in Latin primary Latin course. He is currently painting wall and ceiling murals for the new East Oxford Community Classics Centre.



 Ancient Theatre Consultant and Iris Online Editor:
Graham Kirby

Graham was educated at Durham University and University College London, where he set up the UCL Classical Drama Society; Graham has been involved in over ten classical productions. Most importantly - at the Bloomsbury Theatre - he acted in Lysistrata (2004), adapted and directed Knights (2005), which was then, re-adapted, performed at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Following on from that, he translated, produced and directed Medea (2006) to critical and academic acclaim, translated and produced Acharnians (2007) and co-translated Agamemnon (2008). He translated and directed Bacchae for production at The Scoop at More London (2009). His sole film role has been a cameo appearance in Dark Night (2006), which won awards at the Manchester Film Festival. His contribution to Prime Minister Boris Johnson And Other Things That Never Happened (Biteback Media) was published in 2011.

He joined Iris in 2008 to start up the Hackney School Greek Drama Project and ran an ancient drama festival in 2009 at The Scoop. He continues to act as an ancient theatre consultant and is editor for Iris Online, writing and commissioning articles for the site.

He lives in County Cork, Ireland and writes as a regular art critic for Tribune magazine.



Web Development

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duncan gained a degree in Physics from Oxford University, and an MSc in Aerospace Dynamics from Cranfield University.  He then became a computer programmer, and currently works at a financial firm based in Oxford.  His main loves are old cars, sport, computing and books.  He has long been involved in the organisational side of Iris and is a trustee.

He built the current Iris Project and Iris online websites using a CMS called Joomla, and he is the web administrator and developer for the charity.

Duncan's education was sadly lacking in classics, a situation he is in the process of remedying.



University Liaison Officers

King's College London - Dr Will Wootton

Will Wootton is the Lecturer in Roman Art in the Classics Department at King's College London. He has been involved with the Iris Project since 2008 and is the KCL liaison for the Literacy through Latin scheme.

He has also delivered talks in primary schools and the East Oxford Community Classics Centre as part of the project.






University College London - Dr Peter Agocs

Peter is the UCL representative for the Literacy through Latin scheme. He is the outreach officer for the Department of Greek and Latin, and has been working with Iris since he joined the department.

He also runs classics fairs at UCL in partnership with The Iris Project, which take place each year and involve a mixture of talks, drama, stalls and other events.





Literacy through Latin co-ordinator for Wales - Dr Evelien Bracke

Evelien is Greek and Latin language tutor at Swansea University, and also act as Employability and Schools Liaison Officer. She runs the Literacy through Latin project in a number of local schools (primarily Communities First), with a group of up to 20 student volunteers.

Alongside the LTL project, she also organises workshops for school groups, a yearly Ancient Languages in the Park project, and other activities designed to promote Classics to the local community (through children).




University of St Andrews - Dr Alex Long

Alex Long teaches Greek and Roman philosophy at St Andrews. He works principally on Plato, Stoicism and ancient political thought.

He has been running the Literacy through Latin term since 2012, and is very happy to receive queries about the Iris project from schools in Fife and beyond!





University of Oxford - Mai Musie

Mai is the University of Oxford's Classics Outreach Officer.

Academic tutors and students from the faculty are involved in running Classical themed workshops and talks as part of the Iris Literacy through Latin scheme and East Oxford Community Classics Centre, and Mai is involved with the recruitment process for these students.



University of Reading - Professor Barbara Goff

Barbara Goff is Professor of Classics at the University of Reading.  Her interests centre on Greek tragedy, both in ancient Athens and in the very different contexts of rewritings by modern dramatists.  She is the contact person for Literacy through Latin because the project provides great experiences for primary school pupils and University students alike.





University of Manchester - Dr Peter Liddel

The Iris Project
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