Community Classics Centre

The East Oxford Community Classics Centre, hosted at Cheney

School, will be a vibrant new Classics learning venue for people of all ages to attend events, workshops, lessons, and exhibitions!

Literacy through Latin

We are the first organisation to run a scheme delivering Latin as part of the national literacy curriculum, and to focus especially on schools in deprived urban regions.

Ancient Theatre

So many elements of theatre today have been informed by the theatre of the ancient world, and exploring the roots of drama is a revealing and extraordinary process of historical, cultural and literary discovery.

Greek in Schools

We believe that learning Greek can promote the learning of languages, as children are learning an entirely new alphabet and hence developing their experience of language.


We believe that wherever possible teaching materials should be freely available to use and share, and as such, we make all our resources available on our website for anyone to use in lessons, clubs or elsewhere.

Making Mars Speak Latin

The Iris Project is excited to have been invited to take part in the NASA HiRISE project run by the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

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The Iris Project
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