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Iris online is The Iris Project's outreach web presence, and the new home for Iris magazine. It contains a broad and eclectic range of material, including artwork, fiction, case studies, reviews, outreach ideas and articles on a wide variety of Classical topics and authors, presented in a fresh, modern and engaging style. It can be found here.

Iris online started life in 2006 as Iris magazine, a new Classics magazine which aimed to present Classical topics in a fun, accessible, light-hearted, modern and unusual way. The first issue featured articles such as the academic Dylan Evan's quest to re-establish Plato's Academy, a mock report on the ancient Olympian messenger system, a look at the prevalence of melting women in Ovid, amongst others. Later issues have included an article by Sarah Annes Brown on modern re-interpretations of the Classics, a piece on the more gruesome elements of ancient medicine by Professor Helen King and interviews with prominent Classicists.

As well as serious articles by enthusiasts and academics on Classical topics, the magazine set out to have a quirky and gently irreverent approach to the ancient world, and therefore included a fashion page, quizzes, a myth debunk page, advice from ancient deities and even a soap-opera inspired by the BBC's Life on Mars series.

The magazine moved to an online home in October 2011, after sixteen editions had been published. All 16 editions of the magazine can be ordered through the site, and full details of back issue content can be found here.

The editor can be contacted through this site, and welcomes all enquiries, submissions and responses; she is also happy to provide feedback at any stage for material.

An annual edition has now replaced the original termly format, details of which can be found by clicking the magazine cover image on the right side panel of this site.

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