Olympics 2012

The Olympics 2012 project is an Olympics-inspired pilot scheme coordinated by the Open University Classical Studies Department in collaboration with The Iris Project

According to Ofsted, there are approximately 4, 000 schools across the UK serving communities in socio-economically deprived areas. These areas have the lowest levels of students continuing to university education (especially in the field of Classics). In addition, data from the National Obesity Observatory and the Department of Health reveal that there is an almost linear relationship between child obesity prevalence and socio-economic deprivation. “Back to School” aims to address these parallel issues through a series of Olympics-inspired workshops and outdoors events.

Together with The Iris Project, it is working alongside six schools in the Oxford area, organising interactive lessons, sports events and Iris's international Olympics-inspired competition, offered at no cost to the host institution. These activities allow children (between the ages of 8 and 13) from underprivileged areas of Oxford to explore the links between the Ancient Games and London 2012, fostering creativity and healthy competitiveness and associating physical exercise with fun and fulfilling activities. The programme will run until June 2012. After this, we will evaluate the success of the scheme and consider expanding it to other regions in the UK.

The aims of the Olympics 2012 project are to:
-Stimulate interest in sports and the Olympics among children from primary and junior schools
-Encourage attitudes of self improvement among young people in socio-economically deprived areas and promote leadership, healthy competitiveness and team working skills.
-Implement Enquiry-Based Learning strategies, based on imaginative exploration of Classical culture
-Fostering curiosity for heritage
-Support healthier lifestyles
-Promote the social and educational values that underlie the Open University's mission statement and The Iris Project's mission statement.

The Iris Project
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