The Iris Project - Roman snap!

Roman snap!

There's nothing like a card game to pass a few hours with friends, and so we've prepared a little Latin card game for you!

You'll need... card cut into playing card size.

* Firstly... Write down lots of Latin words and their meanings, such as 'puella' = girl, 'puer' = boy, 'femina' = woman, 'vir' = man, 'canis' = dog, 'rex = king, 'flumen' = river, 'urbs' = city... the list can go on! Have a look at the worksheets on this website, if you'd like some more examples!

* Secondly... make playing cards, each one with a Latin word written clearly on the card, and a picture showing what the word means. Once you have made enough cards, then you can play a game of snap with each another taking turns...

You can also make a similar game using names of Roman gods and goddesses, or Roman emperors... anything you can think of, really!

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