The Iris Project - Stuck inside - play a Roman dice game

Stuck inside - play a Roman dice game


The Romans liked dice games - here is a game about chariot racing.

Aim: To gain 100 points

Throw a double, and then throw again to gain points.
You gain points for each throw, unless the number is a losing one.
Extra points are added to your normal throw.
To finish you must reach 100 exactly, if you throw too high, you must count back with the extra number.

Here is the key:

2. Lose 2 points, your horse is lame.
3. You are making steady progress, gain 1 point
4. Crowd cheering, gain 2 ponts.
5. Horses nervous, lose 2 points.
6. One chariot ahead, gain 3 points.
7. Debris on track, lose 2 points.
8. See lucky omen, gain 4 points.
9. Unlucky number, lose 3 points.
10. You are leading, gain 5 points.
11. Horse stumbles, lose 5 points.
12. Racing along, gain 6 points.

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