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Wish you were here

Everyone loves to receive a postcard, especially one written in an ancient language! If you fancy penning one to a friend or family member, then read below on what to do.

* Firstly... discuss with a friend postcards and the sort of things you say in them. Imagine you were writing to a stranger. What might you say?

* Secondly... imagine that you are writing to a Roman child 2000 years ago. What sort of things might you say? What might you draw on the front of the postcard that would interest the Roman child? Use the vocabulary below and ideas you've discussed to write your own postcards!

Don't forget to make your own stamp - perhap with a Roman emperor's head!



habito = I live
habitare = to live

habeo = I have
habere = to have

cupio = I want
cupere = to want

amo = I like
amare = to love

disco = I learn
discere = to learn

eo = I go
ire = to go

edo = I eat
edere = to eat

bibo = I drink
bibere = to drink

sum = I am
esse = to be

ambulo = I walk
ambulare = to walk

curro = I run
currere = to run

dormio = I sleep
dormire = to sleep

puto = I think
putare = to think

video = I see
videre = to see

specto = I watch
spectare = to watch

lego = I read
legere = to read

scribo = I write
scribere = to write

ludo = I play
ludere = to play

numero = I count
numerare = to count

cano = I sing
canere = to sing

salto = I dance
saltare = to dance

valeo = I am well
valere = to be well

decem annos natus sum = I am ten years old


soror = sister
frater = brother
amicus = friend
amica = friend
mater = mother
pater = father
cibus = food
cena = dinner
liber = book
ludus = game
villa = house
domus = home
magister = teacher
pedifolle = football
fabula = story
campus lusorius = playground
stylus = pencil
papyrus = paper
schola = school
lectio = class
nox = night

cum = with
ad = to
in = in
ab = from
hodie = today
mane = in the morning
mox = soon
bene = well
calidus = hot
frigidus = cold
laetus = happy
pessimus = awful
optimus = excellent
omnes = everyone
et = and

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