Term two - first half


You'll need... paper and verb sheet

Firstly... write "curro" on board, ask if they remember what it means. Write up full conjugation of the verb. write "curre" and currete" and see if they can guess what it might mean, then tell them if they can't. Introduce the idea of an imperative (or 'bossy' verb!)

Secondly... Ask the children to make a series of road sign shapes out of card or paper, and then to make some instructions using the verbs on the sheet. These can then be taken home and stuck in places around their homes (e.g. keep out! or watch out for the dog!), and / or stuck around the classroom (shut the door! listen!)


You'll need... powerpoint presentation on Curse tablets. Paper. Sheet with curse vocabulary and gods' names and their "domains".

Firstly... talk children through powerpoint, which explains what curse tablets are, and how to make their own.

Secondly...The children make their own curse tablet in Latin using the vocabulary sheets and guidelines. They read them out to the class! (make it a rule that cursing their peers is not allowed).


You'll need... Card drawn as postcards; stamps. Vocabulary sheet.

Firstly... discuss postcards and the sort of things you say in them. Tell them to imagine they were writing to a stranger. What might they say? Write some guidelines on the board in Latin.

Secondly... tell the children to imagine that they are writing to a Roman child 2000 years ago. What sort of things might they say? What might they draw on the front of the postcard that would interest the Roman child? Ask them then to use the vocabulary sheets and guidelines on the board to write their own postcards. Ask a few to read their postcards out.

4: 0s AND Xs

You'll need... 0s and +s grids, vocabulary sheet.

Firstly... Revise subject-verb-object sentences in Latin on the board. Draw a grid, and show how to play the game – a sentence in any direction of subject-verb-object in Latin can be joined up, and the game is won.

Secondly... let the children play in pairs – it will take them a while to get the hang of using the sheets and stopping their partner from winning! Eventually, build up to a class tournament, with the winner playing against you!


You'll need... sentences to make up story, cut into strips.

Firstly... Split the class into groups of five, and hand out to each group the sentences of part of the story (telling them where in the story their selection of sentences comes from) and get them to try to put the sentences in the right order. Put some vocabulary on the board to help. Get two representatives from each group to stand at the front, one to hold up the Latin sentences, and the other to translate them. Hopefully this should make the right story! If not, it'll make some entertaining wrong ones...

Secondly... write full conjugation of verb "to be" on the board.
Activity 2: Discuss the myth as a class. Vocabulary practice using bingo game format!

Continued in Term two - second half

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