Lesson five - verbs and Homer poetry activity

Ancient Greek lesson five

Part one: Homer and oral poetry (15 minutes)

Use the powerpoint presentation to introduce Homer, his work, and oral poetry

Use the comparison of fairy tales 'once upon a time', and any other comparisons to communicate the idea of oral composition and stock phrases

Recap the definite article and adjectives when discussing epithets

As a fun five minute activity, ask the pupils to think about what epithets they might give themselves!

Part two: oral poetry activity (40 minutes)

Print off the ancient Greek text of the Cyclops story in the document (increase font size first!) and then cut the story into words and phrases
If preferred, write the English on the back of the pieces of card.

Distribute the segments of the story to groups of children (so each group has a full version), asking them to piece together the story

Ask the group to read out their version of the story

Ask the children to stick the card onto a wall display or large piece of background and to draw/make illustrations, so it reads as a story in the ancient Greek.

Part three: introducing the verb paradigm (5 minutes)

Introduce the verb to send using the powerpoint, and discuss the idea of the stem and endings

If time, experiment by introducing other uncontracted verbs, and asking the children to select the correct ending, perhaps as a quiz.


Greek Lesson Five

Oral Poem Sentences Lesson

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