Lesson four - new words and ancient theatre activity

Ancient Greek lesson four

Part one: ancient Greek language and introduction to ancient theatre (20 mins)

Recap words from last lesson, and definite article and breathings (5 mins)

Using powerpoint presentation, introduce the ancient Greek words for aspects of theatre, pointing out modern words which are derived from these. Also use the images to introduce and discuss the basic aspects of theatre in ancient Athens. (15 mins)

Part two: ancient theatre activity (explained on the powerpoint presentation) (40/60 mins)

Give a handout with a Greek myth (below) outlined on it to groups of 5/6 children

Ask them to create a short play based around the myth, done in an ancient Greek style

The groups need to make masks (supplying paper mask below and string will speed this up!) and find/make some basic props for their plays, as well as writing a short script, and selecting actors and chorus!
Performance of plays to the class

Myths for Plays

Greek Lesson Four


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