The Iris Project - Lesson three - Greek sentences and democracy activity

Lesson three - Greek sentences and democracy activity

Ancient Greek lesson three

Part one: ancient Greek language - new words, breathings, definite article, masculine / feminine endings (30 mins)

recap words met last week (mythos, barbaros, idiotes)

Using powerpoint presentation, introduce new words, go through transliterations and meanings, and also with each one asking the class what English words we get from them (10 mins)

Discuss ho and he, explaining how the definite article is used in ancient Greek and the masculine and feminine distinction (5 mins)

Hand out sentence sheets, and ask the children to work through them, explaining that there are some words they will need to guess (10 mins)

Go through sentences in class, focussing on pronunciation and meaning (5 mins)

Part two: democracy game - introducing voting and history through a class activity (30 mins)

Ask the class about what they understand of the word democracy - explaining Greek words behind the English word (5 mins)

Explain the origins of democracy in Greece and give brief overview of the story of Athens and Sparta (explained on attached sheet) (5 mins)

Carry out class activity detailed on the attached sheet, involving the children pretending to be members of the Athenian assembly and voting on actual decisions taken by Greece. Voting slips (made out of paper) and some sort of urn will be used. (20 mins)

Democracy Game

Lesson Three Greek sentences

Greek Lesson 3 PowerPoint

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