Lesson one - introducing Greek alphabet and gods activity

Lesson one

Part one: ancient Greek language - introducing ancient Greek alphabet (30 mins)

Show powerpoint presentation. It starts with four slides initially, of an omega, the Olympics logo, a voting box, and English dictionaries. Ask the children to identify the images at their tables in groups and guess what connects them. (10 minutes)

with answers taken, move onto 'Ancient Greek' slide, and discuss the bullet points in a bit more detail. (5 mins)

go to slide with Greek alphabet and go through with the children (distribute a handout of the Greek alphabet to everyone in the class) (5 mins)

Ask children to work out how they would write their names, and get them to make cardboard name places or badges (15 mins)

ask the children for next time to find out/work out what the ancient Greek word 'mythos' might mean!
Part two: ancient Greek civilisation - an introduction to the gods, and activity (30 mins)

Introduce the Olympian gods using images on next part of powerpoint presentation (10 mins)

Invent your own god!: ask the children to get into groups and think of an appropriate god for the modern age. Encourage them to think about what might make a god popular and relevant to life today and to design all aspects, including appearance, special powers. (10 mins)

Each group gives a presentation to the class of their invented god. Discussions of the gods which have been invented. (10 mins)

Powerpoint Presentation

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