The Iris Project - Iris Festival of Classics

Iris Festival of Classics

took place at THE SCOOP City Hall, More London
17th - 19th June, 2009

The Iris Festival was a three-day festival of Classics, including plays and performances of Greek drama by London state schools. Free to schools and other members of the public, it brought a fresh approach to classics and Greek drama.



Details were as follows for each day of the festival:


1:00pm – 2pm Readings of classical poetry in translation/Latin at the Scoop (a taster session)

2:30pm – 4:30pm A double bill of (abridged) Greek Comedy (Birds by Aristophanes; Clouds by Aristophanes).


18:30pm A Classical tragedy (proposed Euripides' Bacchae). Performed by Sixth formers.

Alongside the space around the Scoop wa used for family orientated activities such as mosaic making, mask making, story boarding of myths and more.

Six schools were involved in the drama, with different schools performing on different days. Over one hundred pupils from London state schools acted on stage.

Every performance and activity was free for members of the public and all schools.

The festival was a culmination of a year's work with schools, introducing Greek civilisation and culture in the form of classes and workshops that aim both to teach about Greek culture as well as working into the school's social curriculum: Greek drama is inextricably linked with themes such as civic and social responsibility. These themes were brought out both in the plays and in the workshops through discussion and role play with the students.

The festival was an opportunity for children of all ages in inner London state schools to perform in public to a wide audience in an exciting professional venue and a chance for members of the public and schools to enjoy a three-day festival of Classics and Classical drama.

Another Iris festival is planned for July 2013!


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