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Roman bingo

This is a great little game to play at the end of a lesson, to revise numbers, or just to pass the time on a rainy afternoon...

How to play -

* Give each pupil a sheet of paper and ask them to divide it into six boxes

* Ask the pupils to write numbers from 1-10, or 1-20, a different number in each box

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Roman snap!

There's nothing like a card game to pass a few hours with friends, and so we've prepared a little Latin card game for you!

You'll need... card cut into playing card size.

* Firstly... Write down lots of Latin words and their meanings, such as 'puella' = girl, 'puer' = boy, 'femina' = woman, 'vir' = man, 'canis' = dog, 'rex = king, 'flumen' = river, 'urbs' = city... the list can go on! Have a look at the worksheets on this website, if you'd like some more examples!

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Running Late? Keep on time Roman style!

TEMPUS FUGIT ('Time flees' - this Latin phrase is often written on old clocks!)

You'll need... plastic containers like hot chocolate tubs, plastic cups, water! A stop clock would be helpful too.

Imagine you live in ancient Rome, and have an important appointment to attend at 10:30am. How are you going to get there on time without modern clocks and time-keeping devices? Of course, there were sun dials, but these only work if the sun is out! So what did the Romans use? Or were they just always late?! The answer is...

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Stuck inside - play a Roman dice game


The Romans liked dice games - here is a game about chariot racing.

Aim: To gain 100 points

Throw a double, and then throw again to gain points.
You gain points for each throw, unless the number is a losing one.
Extra points are added to your normal throw.
To finish you must reach 100 exactly, if you throw too high, you must count back with the extra number.

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Making a passport

If you're thinking of paying a trip back to ancient Rome, you really don't to be forgetting your passport! Below is a step-by-step guide to making yourself a passport to get past those border controls and into ancient Rome!

* Take two pieces of paper, and a piece of card, cut out so it is exactly the same size as the paper

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