Roman bingo

This is a great little game to play at the end of a lesson, to revise numbers, or just to pass the time on a rainy afternoon...

How to play -

* Give each pupil a sheet of paper and ask them to divide it into six boxes

* Ask the pupils to write numbers from 1-10, or 1-20, a different number in each box

* Write and call out the Latin word for the numbers in whatever order you like, one at a time, giving the pupils time to cross off the boxes as they hear their numbers called

* If a pupil has all numbers on their 'bingo' sheet called, they can call out "vici!", whichs means "I've won!"

This game can naturally be varied - to use Latin nouns or verbs instead of numbers - and of course, if you're feeling extra ambitious, insist on using Roman numerals on the 'bingo' sheets!

Have fun!