Distant Lands: Telling Tales Part 2

We are delighted to announce the publication of Distant Lands this April!

Distant Lands is a companion volume to Lorna Robinson’s Telling Tales in Latin. Also narrated by the poet Ovid, who tells the tale of his own exile, along with more well-loved tales from his Metamorphoses. Introducing readers to the history of Ovid’s life and exile, as well as an introduction to the geography of the Roman Empire, Distant Lands will engage pupils in stories such as Lycaon, the wild man who became a wolf, and Pyramus and Thisbe, the love-struck pair who whisper through a crack in their adjoining wall. These stories are woven into Ovid’s account of his last night in Rome, his dramatic journey across the seas, and the strangeness of the new world that he discovers.

Soham De’s illustrations bring Ovid’s stories alive and make learning Latin an imaginative journey of discovery while Lorna Robinson continues to build on the Latin vocabulary and grammar introduced in the first book in the series. Each story is accompanied with creative activities that update the stories around contemporary issues from history, geography, philosophy and literature.

Lorna Robinson has a doctorate in Classics from University College London and is the founder and director of The Iris Project, which promotes the study of Classics in state schools. Soham De is a graphic artist who works for an architectural firm. Evelien Bracke provided advice on the Latin text. She is senior lecturer and schools liaison officer at Swansea University.

Distant Lands costs £10 and is available to purchase in bookshops or to order online.

Praise for the previous book in the series, Telling Tales in Latin:

“Really inviting and engaging, with clear explanations and beautiful and fun illustrations by Soham De... Excellent for projects introducing... An inviting, absorbing and embracing learning experience.”

The Classics Library