The Iris Project - Literacy through Latin

Literacy through Latin

The journey of excitement, discovery and connection that can be started when someone learns Latin is one that should be available to every pupil, wherever they live and whatever background they come from. As Latin is the root of English and many other languages, it is a valuable key to understanding and learning these, and it is a fun and fascinating subject for all children.

We run many different Latin projects in the UK state sector. We are the first organisation to run a scheme delivering Latin as part of the national literacy curriculum, and to focus especially on schools in deprived urban regions, where literacy levels are often low, and the subject may be a particular challenge for pupils. Through our projects we use storytelling, games and activities to introduce the nuts and bolts of Latin grammar, and to demonstrate the deep connections between Latin and English. In this way, we help to unlock the complexity of English and to instil a fascination for learning new languages.

The Literacy through Latin project runs in London, Oxford, Manchester, Reading, Swansea, Fife and Glasgow. It has recently been awarded the EU Language Label 2013 for innovative language teaching projects.

The Iris Project
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