Our new Community Classics Centre, hosted at Cheney School is a vibrant new Classics learning venue for people of all ages to attend events, workshops, lessons, and exhibitions! The Centre opened in October 2013, and a schedule of events is available on our website. The Centre is founded and run by The Iris Project. It is run in association with the University of Oxford.

The purpose of the Centre is both to provide a permanent presence within the school for all pupils to engage with the Classics in a range of different ways, and also to provide an exciting and accessible place for visitors of all ages from the local community to experience Classics and attend lessons, workshops, storytelling sessions and many other exciting events! Most activities are provided with no charge.

It is run at every level by volunteers without core funding, so we appreciate any donations or support for the Centre's work.

The Centre consists of one large room space with nearby storage, hosting:

  • Regular Classics exhibitions and artwork (including wall murals painted by a professional artist)
  • A lending library area with books and related materials
  • A large learning area with chairs and tables
  • A projector and powerpoint facilities
  • A collection of replica and original artefacts
  • A storytelling area with rug/bean bags
  • Noticeboards inside displaying latest Classics news and related materials
  • Noticeboard outside with opening times and other information

The Centre is used in the following ways:

  • Daily workshops on a range of topics from 3-5pm
  • Exhibitions
  • Fortnightly talks from well-known expert speakers
  • Storytelling and drama performances
  • Classics clubs for different year groups for Cheney and other local school pupils
  • Classics days
  • Adult Latin sessions and workshops

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Here is a short film, taken on the day of our launch event:



Below you can see the one of the four wall and ceiling murals which are being painted this month in the new Centre space!

The Iris Project
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